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Articles in Category: 2-Channel Audio

How to Get the Best Audio Quality Out of Your Old Vinyl Records

Give Them Room to Shine in a Brand New 2-Channel Audio System

How to Get the Best Audio Quality Out of Your Old Vinyl Records

For the past few years, vinyl records have been mounting a monumental comeback. In 2015, sales were up by 32 percent, hitting their highest mark since 1988. Not only have record shops reopened nationwide, but major retailers like Barnes & Nobles and Urban Outfitters now feature prominent record sections. Seeking better sound quality and giving in to their nostalgia, people are dusting off their turntables and sitting down with their favorite albums again. But it takes more than a little dusting to get truly high-performance sound. In this blog, we show you how installing a 2-channel audio system can transform the listening experience in your Phoenix, AZ home.

TAGS: high-end audio | turntables | vinyl records

Which Speakers Work Best in a 2-Channel System?

Finding the Right Qualities for Hi-Fi Sound

Which Speakers Work Best in a 2-Channel System?

A 2-channel stereo system is the best way to listen to your favorite music in the same quality as that found in a recording studio. That’s because artists record music in the same stereo format found within your 2-channel audio. Now you can recreate a concert in your own Paradise Valley, AZ home by making sure you have the right layout, amplifiers, and speakers. 

Your speakers will make or break your system; no matter how good an amplifier or layout you have, it will all go to waste if your speakers can‘t create crisp, powerful sound. No system will be one-size-fits-all, so one speaker may work well in one situation and not another, but you still need to take the following things into account every time.  

TAGS: Bowers & Wilkins | high-end audio | Loudspeakers