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Articles in Category: High-End Audio

Why Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Speakers Are Worth the Investment

Boost Your High-End Audio Systems with the World’s Best Loudspeakers

Why Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Speakers Are Worth the Investment

At the end of last year, Bowers and Wilkins released its new 800 Diamond Series in honor of its 50th anniversary. Seven years in the making, the new speakers are the English manufacturer’s latest contribution to the evolution of sound technology. With the purest sound quality in the industry and classic, sleek designs, the Diamond Series is the perfect foundation for the high-end audio system in your Phoenix, Arizona home. Take a look at what makes these the best loudspeakers in the world.

TAGS: 2-channel audio | Bowers & Wilkins | Loudspeakers | whole home audio

What is the Best Amplifier for Your High-End Audio System?

Acoustic Designs Offers Best-in-Class Solutions for Your Arizona Home

What is the Best Amplifier for Your High-End Audio System?

When installing a high-end audio system in your Paradise Valley home, you have the choice of working with an integrated amplifier or buying your pre-amplifier and amplifier separately. The amp/pre amp design will give you the highest performance level possible. The downside will be space needed, and price.  The integrated amplifier is a combination of an amp and pre-amp all in one chassis, saving you space and money. But, there will be some loss of performance.

To the biggest of audiophiles, there are still a lot of benefits to going with separate components. For one, there’s obviously the nostalgia of setting up a more traditional system. You can also mix and match brands or models to get exactly what you want out of a pre-amp and amplifier instead of going with a consolidated solution that may have had to compromise certain features along the way. In this blog, we’ll discuss the things you need to look for when buying an amplifier (no matter which approach you choose). 

TAGS: Amplifier | Classe | High-end Audio | home audio video system | Integrated Amplifier

How to Design a Dedicated Listening Room

Get the Most Out of the Equipment in Your Arizona Home

How to Design a Dedicated Listening Room

If you’re going to invest big money in a high-end audio system for your Scottsdale home, you want to give it a place to shine. Any proper audiophile needs a dedicated space to escape into auditory bliss, listening to recordings as they were meant to be heard or recreating live concerts in the comfort of their home. This kind of hi-fi system requires meticulous work and planning to reduce distortion of sound while optimizing your audio signals. Read on to get some tips on how to design a mind-blowing dedicated listening room. 

TAGS: Bowers & Wilkins | high-end audio