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3 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Home Theater System

Acoustic Designs Creates the Perfect Movie Haven in Your Arizona Home

3 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Home Theater System

Home theater systems have always been a popular addition for luxury homes, whether it’s a new construction or retro-fit job. What precisely those systems entail, however, has evolved over the past twenty years. It’s not enough simply to select a couple of speakers and a brand new television. These days it’s all about creating a unique viewing experience. How can you go about designing the perfect place to watch movies in your Arizona home? The following components are must-haves in order to have the ideal home theater.

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Enjoy Every Detail with 4K Ultra HD

Wondering if 4K Ultra HD technology is worth the investment? With four times the resolution of full HD, you can experience lifelike video like never before. You get crisper images, better contrast and a wider color spectrum. The initial problem with 4K was the lack of content, but Blu-Ray manufacturers and streaming services like Netflix are now offering 4K options.

If you want to stick with the traditional projector-and-screen set-up for your private home theater, you can go with Sony’s 4K SKRD Home Cinema Projector which is 4K and HDR compatible for ultimate video realism. Another great feature from the projector is its picture calibration mode which lets you adapt your picture to a specific activity whether it’s a movie with the lights dimmed or a gaming marathon.

Immerse Yourself in Surround Sound

While the images may get much of the attention, it’s ultimately the sound in your home theater system that makes the difference. We recommend Dolby Atmos technology for the best results. Dolby Atmos technology uses “sound objects” as a new sensation of height immerses you in the action by depicting objects moving overhead. The Dolby Surround 7.1 now becomes the Dolby Atmos Surround 7.4.1: three speakers across the front of the theater, two on the side, two rear, a subwoofer and at least 4 in-ceiling ATMOS speakers placed above the viewer.

What Dolby Atmos speakers should you install? We recommend the industry leader, Bowers and Wilkins. The English company is known for the realism and crispness of its sound and offers two custom home theater series: the CT800 and the CT700. Whether it is a dedicated home theater or a media room, the CT series will fit the build.

Create the Ultimate Movie Library

The best way to enjoy your favorite movies is to invest in an easy-to-navigate server that allows you to store thousands of Blu-Ray and DVD titles. This way it’s all available at the press of a button rather than having to sift through boxes to find what you want. For your movie-watching needs, we recommend a Kaleidescape server that creates a beautiful, intuitive library and offers an extensive Kaleidescape store for downloads of your favorite movies. The Kaleidescape store also offers the largest catalog of 4K movies.

Not sure what you want to watch? Kaleidescape groups your movies together according to genre, directors, and actors. Experience the same kind of binging potential you get from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu with your movie collection. Once you choose a title, your menu is rearranged to place similar movies next to it. This way it’s easy for your family to organize an all-day marathon.

Want to create the ultimate home theater system in your Arizona home? Contact Acoustic Designs today to ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology.