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3 Questions to Ask When Installing a Multi-Purpose Media Room

Use Your Home AV System to Expand Your Room’s Versatility

3 Questions to Ask When Installing a Multi-Purpose Media Room

Your living room/media room is probably where your family spends most of its time. It's a perfect place to bring everyone together to watch movies, TV, play video games or listen to music. This is why you should incorporate the room into your home AV system to give it added versatility when it comes to its functionality and style. In this blog, we discuss some things you should keep in mind when designing a new media room or upgrading your current one.

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Where Will You Install Your Media Room?

While most media rooms are usually large open spaces near the kitchen, we’ve also had clients that like to place it in a dedicated den. The layout of your room will directly impact the kind of technology you want to include. We help you figure out how many speakers you'll need, how large your screen should be and where to place it all for optimal performance.

How Do You Plan on Using It?
As part of this initial consultation, we need to figure out how you plan on using your media room. Will it be used only to watch TV and movies? Is it also a common place for you to host friends? All of these questions need to be answered from the start so the experts at Acoustic Designs can help you find the right equipment and layout.

For example, if you’re likely to host a lot of parties in your living area/media room, you may want to opt for in-ceiling speakers instead of bookshelf or floor-standing speakers. That's because wide-dispersal in-ceiling speakers offer more uniform sound for background music. Your guests can walk from one corner of the room to the other without noticing the audio getting louder at any point.

The number of source components needed--- cable boxes, gaming consoles, turntables, etc.—will also depend on how you want to use your system. If you expect to have a variety of source components in the room, you may want to hide them away in a storage closet and use your home AV system to transmit the signals to the room.

What Do You Want it to Look Like?

Aesthetics are also going to play a big part. Many of our clients prefer subtle installations when it comes to their media rooms. This means custom installations with speakers hidden on the walls and ceilings and source components hidden away in a storage closet or custom cabinetry. Depending on your preferred style, we can recommend the right design for the room.

What’s Your Favorite Control Option?

With a professional home AV solution, you have a variety of control options for your media room. With a solution from Crestron or Savant Systems, you can manage your entertainment with a touchpad, tablet or smartphone. Of course, if you’re loyal to your remotes, both companies also offer smart remotes that not only let you control the entertainment in the room but also your shades, lighting, and thermostat.

Create a media room that your entire family will love with a professional installation from Acoustic Designs. To get started, contact us to set up a consultation.