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3 Ways a Home Audio Video System Transforms Your Home

Acoustic Designs Changes How You Interact With Your Technology

3 Ways a Home Audio Video System Transforms Your Home

What’s your favorite way to settle down after a long day at work? Is it listening to an album in your private listening room or starting up a TV marathon with the family? Perhaps it varies depending on your mood. Whether it’s pulling up a movie or streaming a playlist, we want to make it easy for you to access your favorite entertainment in your Phoenix, Arizona home. We can do this by installing a home audio video system that gives you centralized control of your movies, music or TV shows.

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Hide Away Your Source Components to Eliminate Clutter

You’ve dreamt up the ultimate media room for your Arizona home. The type of television and color of the speakers are carefully chosen to enhance your interior décor. It's all going as planned until you have to deal with the pile of remotes on the coffee table and a stack of electronics –a Blu-ray player, media server, or satellite dish---next to the television.

With a hidden home audio video system, you can hide away these source components in an AV closet. We install matrix switchers or AV receivers that transmit audio and video signals to the television or speaker of your choice. All wiring throughout your home is hidden away discreetly behind walls.

Centralize Control for Easy Access to Your Entertainment

Of course, it’s not only your source components that disappear through your home audio video system. You also get rid of that pile of remotes on your coffee table. That's because, in the long run, the biggest benefit of a centralized system is easy access to your entertainment. We recommend incorporating your audio and video into your Crestron or Savant Systems home automation solution for ultimate control.

You can pull up your favorite movies or music at the touch of a button on a smartphone, tablet or designer touchpad. You can also take advantage of other home automation features. Create scenes that set the perfect setting for any activity. For example, a “Television” scene closes the shades, dims the lights and turns on your television to your satellite or cable provider.

Make it Easy For Everyone to Enjoy Their Personal Tastes

We also understand the importance of having a little ‘me’ time when you’re home. And that likely means something different for everyone in the family. Which is why you can customize your user interface to easily pull up whichever form of entertainment you like most.

Another way Acoustic Designs can help is by creating distinct zones within your home. By optimizing speaker layouts and room acoustics, we make it possible for multiple people to enjoy their favorite entertainment at the same time. In the evening, you can listen to music when preparing dinner while the kids watch television in the family room.

Create an environment where your entertainment can thrive! Contact Acoustic Designs to install an audio/video system in your Arizona home.