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3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Favorite Streaming Services

Enjoy Movies, Music and TV shows at the Press of a Button

3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Favorite Streaming Services

Right now the TV landscape is experiencing a seismic shift. Millennials have led the way in replacing traditional cable consumption with a variety of streaming services: Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Similar trends have emerged when it comes to music with subscriptions to companies like Tidal, Pandora and Spotify doubling in 2016. While many clients have made the shift in behavior to favor streaming alternatives, often they do little to their home AV solutions to reflect that change. In this blog, we show you how to take the streaming experience to the next level in your Scottsdale, AZ home.

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Easy Access to Your Favorite Streaming Services

The biggest issue with streaming services, especially when it comes to TV, is the lack of centralization. Clients typically use a mix of video and music subscriptions to get all the content they want. They then have to deal with managing each subscription through a different app or device. The first step in upgrading your home AV system is to make sure that you can access all of your services from one user interface on a tablet, smartphone, touchpad or smart remote. With a professional installation, it takes just a few seconds for your speakers or TVs to transition from one streaming platform to the next.

Distribute Content to All Your TVs and Speakers
When streaming first became available, it was typically relegated to wireless devices—primarily smartphones and laptops. Now that streaming has become so ubiquitous; homeowners want that same content available on their traditional AV devices as well. There are a variety of ways to get streaming content to loudspeakers, televisions, and screens. Many speakers now include wireless capabilities to stream content directly to them while many smart TVs come with built-in apps that give you access to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

As part of your home AV installation, we’ll help you find solutions in areas where it's not as simple as buying a new TV or speaker. In this case, the best option is to invest in wireless AV receivers or media servers that can link directly to your high-end speakers or home theater projector. We then connect the receiver to a touchpad, remote, or smartphone where everything can be easily managed. In a matter of seconds, you can choose the streaming service you want and where you want it to play.

Optimized Network Solutions for Streaming Content

The final challenge when it comes to streaming has to do with the strength of your network. Typically, the routers issued by your internet service provider are not strong enough to support high-quality streaming to multiple devices. As the quality of content improves, the bandwidths become too large for many homes.

The first step is upgrading to a router that can handle the large bandwidths associated with 4K technology and lossless audio files. The second step is ensuring the router is correctly placed. It needs to be located close to entertainment areas where you'll regularly be streaming content. In larger homes, it may be worthwhile to invest in wireless access points that expand the reach of your network. This is especially useful if you want to stream music outdoors.

As you continue to steer more towards streaming services, it’s time to make sure your home AV system is up to the task. Contact Acoustic Designs for a custom solution designed specifically for the way you like to enjoy your favorite entertainment.