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4 Biggest Benefits of Bringing Smart Automation into Your Home

Acoustic Designs transforms the day-to-day living in your Paradise Valley, AZ home.

4 Biggest Benefits of Bringing Smart Automation into Your Home

The concept of a “Smart Home” controlling surveillance cameras, lights, audio and access from a single high-tech touch screen has been a hallmark of science fiction movies for years. Recently, advances in technology have made smart home automation more affordable and accessible to the general public –making fantasy a reality. Bringing all the subsystems in your home into one easy-to-use interface on your touch pad, smartphone or tablet has never been easier. 

Acoustic Designs can help you create an efficient, cost-effective system that can boost your home’s energy, entertainment and security. Here are four benefits of bringing home automation into your Paradise Valley space:

Earn back your investment with energy management

Cutting back on energy bills is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With our partners at Crestron, we install motorized shading that regulates the temperature in your home by letting in or blocking natural light thereby reducing the workload on your home’s HVAC system. Forget about going through an extensive checklist every time you go out. Set an “Away” scene that turns all the lights off and closes all shades when you leave the house.

Get the most out of your entertainment

With Crestron or Savant, control of your home’s media is always at your fingertips. Distribute video and audio to any room in your house from a central control system. You can create specific profiles for each family member so they can easily modify media in each room to match their specific preferences. Expertly placed speakers and video displays allow everyone to create individual entertainment hubs without intruding on each other’s space. Watch the evening newscast as you prepare dinner in the kitchen while your son watches the Diamondbacks in the living room. Of course, great distribution means nothing if you’re not getting the best quality possible. Enjoy hi-fidelity sound on our Bowers & Wilkins speakers as your movie plays on Sony’s newest Ultra HD television.

Keep your family safe with connected security

Don’t worry about your children being home alone while you’re at work, or your home being left unattended when you’re on vacation. A security system linked to smart home automation keeps you informed at all times by sending alerts to your smartphone when someone enters or leaves the house, or to let you know a door has been left unlocked. Stream video from your home surveillance cameras on your smartphone no matter where you are. Security can also be linked to your lighting system to simulate activity in your house so it appears occupied even when you’re away for a long period of time.

Be prepared! Incorporate future technology easily

Still figuring out what to do with your old VHS collection? The tech world moves at such lightning speed that it’s easy to fall behind. Our work doesn’t end as soon as we finish a project. We strive to keep our clients for life and create home automation systems that are primed to integrate technological updates or advances that may emerge in coming years or accommodate your family’s changing needs.

Let us design a custom automation system to meets the distinct needs of your Paradise Valley home. Contact us today to set up a consultation to bring smart home automation’s benefits into your life.