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A Day in the Life of a Smart Home

Acoustic Designs Transforms Everyday Living in Your Arizona Space

A Day in the Life of a Smart Home

Whenever you bring new technology into your home it’s usually done with one goal in mind: to improve your way of life. It may be a new 4K Ultra HD television that lets you enjoy your favorite shows like never before or smart technology that makes day-to-day-tasks easier. If it’s the latter you’re after, smart home control is the answer. With a solution from automation giants Crestron or Savant, your Paradise Valley, Arizona home works diligently 24 hours a day to ensure your family is always safe, comfortable and entertained. Read on to see the hard work a smart home puts in during a typical day:

The Best Part of Waking Up

The days of a shrill alarm clock or blasting sunlight disrupting your sleep are long gone with smart home control. Use your Savant or Crestron App to schedule a daily wake-up ‘call’ that slowly dims the lights on and opens shades as your favorite music softly plays through your bedroom speakers. You can even set your temperature to automatically raise to make your transition out of the sheets less jolting.

You can use your centralized control to get the kids moving quickly in the morning, too! Remotely open their shades or begin playing music in their room if you see they’re not up in time.

Working Hard While You’re Away

Just because you’re not there, doesn’t mean your home stops working hard! Throughout the day, your thermostat directs your shades to open or close to regulate the temperature.

Don’t believe your home is working hard when you’re away? Access the smart home control app on your phone wherever you are to look in on live surveillance footage at any time. You can also make changes remotely. Your smart home is always on call! Turn off a television that was left on or disarm your security system to let your kids into the house when they make it back from school.

Bringing the Family Together for Dinner

As you return home from work, your system welcomes you by unlocking the front door and turning on the lights in the foyer. The rest of the family can get an alert on their personal Savant App profile to know you have made it home and convene in the kitchen. Your smart home can even help you cook! Press a ‘Dinner’ scene to start your favorite cooking playlist and lower the temperature in the room to make up for the heat emanating from the stove.

Simplify Bed Time with Smart Control

Once you have finished eating, the family can relax in the media room oom for some quality time together. From your central user interface you can browse your Kaleidescape media library to find the perfect movie or kick off where you left off the night before. If the children decide to go their separate ways, you can use your smart home control system to see what technology is being used in their rooms. This way you can check if they’re watching inappropriate content or staying up past their bedtime. If they are, you can turn off the devices remotely.

When you’re finally ready to call it a day, use your Crestron or Savant system to create a “Shut Down” scene that turns off all the lights, locks the doors and closes the shades at a given time every night. While you sleep, your smart home security system is on alert with motion sensors that flood unusual activity with light to make sure your surveillance cameras get a clear image of any intruder.

Want to enjoy the many perks of smart home control in your Arizona home? Contact Acoustic Designs for a custom solution that will change the way you interact with your space.