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Could Your Space Benefit From Smart Home Automation?

Acoustic Designs Can Create a Solution to Meet Your Distinct Needs

Could Your Space Benefit From Smart Home Automation?

The home of the future is here, but it doesn’t quite look like an episode from The Jetsons. There’s no robot servants or automatic meals, but there is definitely a lot of new technology that has made it easier than ever to run your home. In recent years, it has come about in the form of a smart home automation system. What this system does is bring together all your components so they can communicate and work in unison. Do you want to know how this sort of system would function in your Scottsdale, Arizona home? Read on to find out why smart automation can be useful for all types of households.

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Boost the Productivity in Your Home Office

Many companies have found that a great way to streamline expenses is to have employees working from home. Advancements in technology have made it easy to do this without losing any of your team's efficiency. With the right smart home automation system, you can create a professional-grade space in the comfort of your Arizona home. Boost your office with HD cameras and 4K monitors you can access quickly through your audio video system. You can also receive a notification as soon as someone is at the door. This way you can respond quickly to visiting clients and also open the door remotely without interrupting your workflow.

Get a Helping Hand for Your Parenting Needs

A smart home can also be an important parenting partner. With centralized control of all your televisions, it's easy for you to monitor what your kids are watching. With smart lighting, you can create a nighttime schedule to dim your child's lights to make bedtime easier for the little ones. Once they're older, you can make sure they've made it home safely from school while you're at work. Set up your system to receive video notifications on your smartphone when someone enters the house. This way you know exactly when they made it back. You can also check in on your surveillance footage remotely at any time to make sure they’re okay throughout the day. 

Become the Ultimate Party Host

Who says you can't have a little fun with your new smart home automation technology? Use your centralized control to become the perfect party host. Make preparing your space simple by creating a “Party” scene. This scene could turn on bright LED fixtures to set the tone, open up the shades to reveal your magnificent view, and begin playing a curated playlist of your choice. As more people arrive, the room may heat up a little. Discreetly adjust the temperature from your phone to ensure the comfort of your guests. What about having friends over for the Cardinals’ playoff game? Quickly pull up the channel on your Sony 4K television and adjust the audio on your Bowers & Wilkins speakers from a touchpad, smartphone or tablet.

Whether you want to be a better host or more attentive parent, Acoustic Designs has the solution for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation!