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How Can Home Automation Enhance Your Next Construction Project?

Acoustic Designs Helps You Meet Your Client’s Technological Demands

How Can Home Automation Enhance Your Next Construction Project?

When working on a new construction project, we know there can be a lot of moving parts. You have architects, designers, and builders working together to make a client’s ideal home become a reality. It’s also important that projects take into account the standard technology expected from a luxury home. In this blog, we'll explain how your Phoenix, Arizona projects benefit from incorporating smart home automation solutions.  

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Personalized Solutions for Your Clients

Many luxury builders now offer standard home automation packages for new constructions. Offering smart home automation solutions can increase property values and make you stand out when bidding for major clients. Each new home can have a custom solution designed around a client’s unique needs. Give them the added comfort, convenience and peace of mind offered by a system that has centralized control of lights, entertainment, climate, security and more.


Wiring Foundation Primed for Growth

Creating a comprehensive smart home automation solution involves a thorough wiring foundation, which is why we recommend installing these systems during construction. Sell your client on the fact that a cohesive technology solution from the start will help them avoid expensive, costly and unsightly installations in the future.

Our systems are built for growth so homeowners can expand their technology without having to put a dent into their expensive home. If they want to extend their home automation to a new room or add a new component (like smart shading), we can create the necessary programming to add it to the system. We also leave additional access points so new equipment can be incorporated. 


Give Your Project a Cohesive Design Solution

By centralizing control of your technology with a smart home automation system, you can reduce a lot of unnecessary clutter. We work with architects and designers to hide all wiring, reduce the number of switches on the walls and eliminate the need for source components in each room.

With an audio/video system, all your client has to do is designate a dedicated AV closet where all their entertainment sources can be stored. We then use matrix switchers to transfer signals to all the rooms in the home. Clients can control their system with a custom touchpad that adds a touch of elegance to their home.


Why Work With Acoustic Designs?

We work to find the best equipment and control solution to fit a client's unique stylistic needs. For example, if your client is building a modern, minimalist home we can offer in-wall and in-ceiling speakers so their favorite music can be heard but not seen.

We bring years of experience working together with architects, designers and builders to create comprehensive home solutions. We also partner with the top manufacturers in the industry so we can find the perfect equipment for any project.


It's important that everything your client envisions in the perfect home is installed from the start. Have an upcoming project that could benefit from a smart technology solution? Contact Acoustic Designs to set up a consultation.