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How Crestron Can Make Your Home Entertainment Better

Take Advantage of Expert Solutions for Streaming, 4K Technology

How Crestron Can Make Your Home Entertainment Better

Having a Crestron smart home offers plenty of benefits. Each part of your system including lighting, security, entertainment and more works together seamlessly to make your Phoenix, AZ space more efficient. For this blog, we're going to focus on the reasons that their entertainment solutions stand out from the competition. In a Crestron System, you can expect excellence from the technicians working for you and the components they install.

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Creating an Industry Standard

To ensure your home entertainment system is working at its best, Crestron has strict requirements when it comes to both the technology being used and the programming behind it. As authorized dealers, we have gone through extensive training on the company's Digital Media standard. The DM 3.0 standard is a set of rules meant to optimize your A/V system by focusing on 4K video distribution and streaming capabilities.

  • 4K Video Distribution: The bulk of Crestron's Digital Media has to do with the shift to 4K. The company has made extensive investments in AV receivers, matrix switchers, and cables that can handle the added bandwidth and are compatible with the HDCP 2.2 copyright encryption included in all 4K video distributions.
  • Streaming Services: Crestron has also recognized the shift to streaming media, which we covered in our previous blog. They were the first company to offer AV receivers that would allow full 4K Ultra HD streaming by reducing the amount of bandwidth needed to broadcast the signal. This way homeowners can easily enjoy Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix 4K content.
  • Fully Integrated Solutions: With Crestron, you have all the AV equipment needed in-house to create an entertainment system that is reliable and easy to upgrade when new technology becomes available.

Creating Partnerships for Excellence

Crestron has also made sure its partners are sticking to its high standards. While dealers have to go through a four-day program to become certified, manufacturers have to submit equipment to ensure they deliver reliable 4K signals and are compatible with the Digital Media system.

Crestron is also compatible with the top AV manufacturers in the industry. So you can rest assured that your home entertainment system can include your favorite brand of speakers, televisions, and AV receivers. Our expert technicians will then speak with you regarding the control option you’d prefer whether it’s a touchpad, remote, tablet or smartphone.

With a Crestron System, you know you’re getting a solution that is custom-designed for your needs and built to last for years to come. To learn more about how to incorporate Crestron into your home, fill out our online contact form.