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How Many Different Ways Can You Control Your Home?

From Sensors to Touchpads, Change the Way You Interact With Your Technology

How Many Different Ways Can You Control Your Home?

Taking control of the technology in your Arizona home has never been easier. A smart home control solution gives you efficient, intuitive access to all the systems in your house, including lighting, security, entertainment, climate and more. One reason these solutions are so pragmatic is their versatility.

Whether you're in Scottsdale or Phoenix, there's one thing that's true: your home is uniquely yours. You've labored over what colors to paint the walls and what furniture to make the centerpiece of your family room. Why shouldn't you do the same when deciding how you want to manage your technology? With plenty of options from Savant Systems and Crestron, we can find the solution that best fits your needs.

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Touchpad: Traditionally, touchpads have been the foundation of most smart home control systems. Once your system is complete, the expert integrators at Acoustic Designs let you manage all your technology from an intuitive touchscreen. Both Savant Systems and Crestron offer customization options, so it's easy to place your favorite features—and rooms- on your main menu for easy access.

Mobile Apps: With the growing popularity of smartphones, both Crestron and Savant have released smart home control apps. The same user interface found on their custom touchpads is now available on the device of your choice be it a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

Remote: For some smaller subsystems in your home, you may want to stick to familiar remotes. These remotes usually have a limited reach –managing technology within one or two-room solutions—but still give you access to multiple components including lighting, climate, and entertainment.

Scenes: A great feature of your smart home control system is the ability to create scenes. They let you access multiple components at the press of a button for added efficiency. For example, you can create a "Cinema" scene that dims the lights to 20 percent, closes the shades and turns your TV on to your Blu-ray player.
Hands-Off Control: Now we get to some of the “hands-off” perks that come with smart home control. You can trigger certain actions or events within your system so your technology reacts without you having to interact with it directly.

• Scheduled Scenes: You can create scenes that happen automatically at a given time every day. Every morning a “Wake Up” scene opens the shades, puts on a playlist and turns on the lights in the kitchen so you can grab a cup of coffee. A "Good Night" one locks all the doors in the house, sets the alarm and turns off the lights.

• Sensors: Motion sensors in your backyard can activate flashing lights to deter any potential intruders. Inside, motion sensors activate LED fixtures in your hallways as you walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can have a “Welcome” scene activate when someone walks up to your door. Turn on the lights by your front door and in the foyer, and receive a notification on your phone.

Are you ready to change the way you interact with your technology? Contact Acoustic Designs to install a smart home control system that lets you access it just the way you want to.