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How to Get the Best Audio Quality Out of Your Old Vinyl Records

Give Them Room to Shine in a Brand New 2-Channel Audio System

How to Get the Best Audio Quality Out of Your Old Vinyl Records

For the past few years, vinyl records have been mounting a monumental comeback. In 2015, sales were up by 32 percent, hitting their highest mark since 1988. Not only have record shops reopened nationwide, but major retailers like Barnes & Nobles and Urban Outfitters now feature prominent record sections. Seeking better sound quality and giving in to their nostalgia, people are dusting off their turntables and sitting down with their favorite albums again. But it takes more than a little dusting to get truly high-performance sound. In this blog, we show you how installing a 2-channel audio system can transform the listening experience in your Phoenix, AZ home.

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Replace Your Turntable

Depending on the gear you already have, the first step to getting more out of your vinyl records may be upgrading your turntable. Some vintage turntables can stand the test of time and even sound better than some modern offerings. But if you’re still riding a retail-level one from twenty years ago, your records deserve better. Companies like Thorens offer a variety of classic-style turntables, so you don't have to give up your vintage feel when you upgrade. If you're going to stick with your old turntable, make sure to at least regularly maintain and replace your cartridge as your needle will greatly affect your sound quality—and a deteriorated needle can even damage your records.

Upgrade to a Stereo System

All-in-one turntables are a great way to get started in the vinyl world. But for true audiophiles, it’s all about creating a 2-channel audio system composed of a turntable, amp, and speakers. While it’s tempting to connect your turntable to one external speaker for better sound, a 2-channel system will help you recreate a concert experience in your home. 

A traditional 2-channel system uses a stereo setup with a left and right speaker. Depending on your budget and space limitations, you can opt for loudspeakers or bookshelf ones. The ones you choose will depend on a lot of factors but ultimately, make sure above all that they sound good to you. To get started, check out our guide on choosing high-end audio speakers.

Rely on a Powerful Amplifier

While your speakers will take all the attention, the real heart of your 2-channel system will be your amplifier. Much like its name implies, your preamps and amps are there to strengthen your turntable signal to fill up the speakers of your choosing. There are a lot of things that go into choosing the right ones.

First, you need to decide whether you want to use an AV receiver or separates (an amplifier and preamp). If you're going with a high-end turntable, you likely want to use the latter since some AV receivers may not include the necessary photo jack to connect your turntable. You then want to make sure your amplifier pairs up nicely with the power of your speakers so you don't overload them. In one of our previous blogs, we go into further detail on what to look for in a high-end amplifier.

Linking your turntable to a standard 2-channel stereo system will give your favorite albums newfound depth and clarity. The experts at Acoustic Designs can help you find the equipment that sounds best to you, so you can start giving your favorite music the quality it deserves. To get started, call us at 888-296-0950 or contact us online.