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How-To Guide: Installing Quality Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Make it Easy to Play Your Favorite Movies and Music in Your Pool or Patio

How-To Guide: Installing Quality Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Ready to enjoy the summer months with friends and family? Invite everyone over for a lavish cookout, pool party or movie night under the stars. To leave a lasting impression, you're going to need more than a large outdoor television and Bluetooth speakers. Knock everyone off their feet with a home audio video system that offers impressive surround sound and 4K Ultra HD video. Make sure you follow the steps outlined in this blog to get a system that is both remarkable and consistent. Creating outdoor entertainment spaces in your Paradise Valley home comes with its set of challenges, but it's nothing the right planning can’t overcome.

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1. Understand the Scope of Your Project

There will have to be a thorough wiring foundation in place to ensure a successful system. We advise you on how many speakers you should include, where to install them and where to mount your televisions. We then install the necessary wiring throughout your space for optimal performance. We can also include additional wiring, so it's easy to upgrade in the future. Want to add a new speaker? No need to go through a costly installation, just plug it into the system.

2. Protect Your Source Components

While weather-proof options exist for your speakers and televisions, the same can’t be said of your Blu-ray player or cable box. Once we know which sources you want to include, we can connect them to a home audio video system. We use matrix switches that can transmit a signal from one source to multiple locations. Vulnerable components can be kept inside and the switches relay the content to your outdoor equipment.

3. Find the Best Equipment for Outdoor Use

You need televisions and speakers built to survive outside: standing up to water, wind and dust among other things. This equipment should also include additional technology to meet the demands of outdoor use:

Outdoor TVs include extensive anti-glare technology so you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD images even in direct sunlight. For audio, we recommend going with Near Speakers. They offer omnidirectional sound dispersion, radiating at a 120-degree dispersion pattern to provide more uniform sound. This is perfect for outdoor situations were a lot of ground has to be covered, and listeners are often sitting far from the speakers.

4. Complete Your System With a Smart Control Solution

Connecting your sources to a whole home audio system not only protects them, but it also makes it easier to access your content. Instead of dealing with multiple remotes that could be easily lost or damaged outdoors, we hook you up with a Crestron or Savant Systems solution. From a touchpad, tablet or smartphone you can pick the content you want to play and choose which speaker or television to play it on.

You can control everything you need to keep your get-together going. From the same screen where you adjusted the volume, you can turn up the landscape lighting when it gets dark or turn up the fans on the patio in the hotter summer months.

There’s no reason your outdoor entertainment spaces can’t be just as impressive as your indoor ones. If you want a successful system, contact us to find out which equipment and design work best for your space.