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How to Optimize Your Home Theater’s Surround Sound System

Enjoy Your Favorite Movies Like Never Before With Immersive Audio

How to Optimize Your Home Theater’s Surround Sound System

For many people, upgrading a home theater system involves improving audio quality. It may mean going from TV speakers to a soundbar or increasing the number of surround sound speakers. That's because a movie-watching experience isn't complete without stunning sound that lets you take in every detail from the creak of the door to an overwhelming explosion. In this blog, we discuss five things you can do to improve the audio quality in your Scottsdale, Arizona custom theater.   

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Find the Right Content

To get the most out of your home theater, you need to invest in high-quality content. Many Blu-Ray releases are now mixed with Dolby Atmos technology, so you can follow sound throughout the room rather than having it be relegated to one channel. 4K Ultra HD not only improves image quality but also offers more audio detail than you would get from standard or high definition content. Install a Kaleidescape media server in your theater which lets you store all your Blu-Ray movies and download titles from the largest 4K Ultra HD video library in the world. 

Upgrade Your AV Receiver

There are a few things you need to take into account when purchasing a home theater receiver. At the most basic level, you need to make sure there are enough inputs and outputs. Inputs will correspond to the number of sources you have and outputs to the number of speakers. You should also invest in AV receivers that include Dolby Atmos technology. Even if your content is not mixed with Dolby Atmos, the receiver can still upscale your regular content.

Invest in High-Quality Speakers

A lot of high-end audio manufacturers offer dedicated home theater lines. For example, Bowers and Wilkins has the CT800 and CT700 lines. There is also a bookshelf line of speakers perfect for small home theater systems in living rooms or bedrooms.  Not only do these lines offer the best in sound power and clarity, but they can be custom-fitted to fit any space or layout.

Design the Right Speaker Layout

There are a variety of ways you can set up your Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers depending on the size of your room and budget. You can explore some of these layouts on the Dolby Atmos website, but for the most part, we recommend a 5.4.2 layout. This includes three speakers in front (one in the center and two to the side of the screen) with two in the rear and two subwoofers. Four in-ceiling Atmos speakers are then added above the viewer.

Adjust Your Room Acoustics

If you're installing a custom theater, you should also make the effort to modify your room acoustics to get the best audio possible. Install sound absorbing panels at your reflection points (where your sound waves will hit your walls or ceilings) and add drapes and carpet to insulate the sound better and avoid distortion.

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