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How to Take Advantage of Voice Control in Your Smart Home

Crestron’s Integration with Amazon Alexa Makes It Easier than Ever

How to Take Advantage of Voice Control in Your Smart Home

Smart home automation systems have always focused on offering intuitive control of your Scottsdale, AZ home in the form of dedicated touchpads, mobile apps, sensors, and remotes. Amazon Alexa, in conjunction with Crestron, adds a new frontier to your smart home in the form of voice control. While other voice control products like Siri and Google Home are available, Amazon’s cloud-based platform offers the most seamless technology yet, even allowing for varying accents or languages.

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The Voice-Controlled Smart Home

How can you take advantage of this new technology? If you already have a smart home automation system in place, there’s no significant revamp needed. Through Crestron and Alexa's partnership, your custom integrator will primarily be making a software change. There's no hardware investment beyond adding one of Alexa’s wireless speakers: the Echo, Echo Dot or Tap.

Amazon Alexa also works as a standalone system. You can use it to ask for the weather, set a timer, or pull up a song. To control other technology in your home, you’ll have to invest in additional devices. While you can choose to slowly add devices on your own –like a smart thermostat or light bulbs—you’ll get more out of your system with an integrated solution.

The Perks of Incorporating Smart Scenes

One of the biggest benefits of integrating Amazon Alexa into a smart home automation system is the ability to pull up scenes using voice commands. Smart scenes let you make changes to multiple devices—thermostats, lights, shades, etc.—simultaneously. If you have Alexa linked to individual devices, you can only adjust one at a time.

Say you’re coming home from work and want to make a few changes once you arrive. With a Crestron solution, just say "Alexa, I'm home!" The lights turn on in the foyer and living room, the thermostat lowers to cool down the space, and your TV turns on to your favorite newscast. With a DIY system, that likely would have taken at least three different commands.

The Best Way to Use Your Voice Control

When integrating voice control into your smart home, there are a few ways to optimize this new feature. Make sure you’re only using it in spaces that make sense. For example, avoid areas that are traditionally loud, as you'll likely have to repeat your commands. On the other hand, don't rely entirely on voice control in spaces where silence is necessary. No one wants you shouting, "Alexa, lower the temperature!" in the middle of a movie or when you're trying to get the baby to sleep.

While Alexa’s software is smart enough to differentiate from thousands of commands, you still want to make life a little easier for this new technology. Try not to come up with scene names that sound too similar, like “Good Night” and “Good Morning” scenes. Instead, call them "Wake Up" and "Bed Time."

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