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The 2 Best Apps for Smart Home Control

Acoustic Designs Finds the Perfect Fit for Your Arizona Lifestyle

The smartphone has become the focal point of most people’s lives. Even though it’s no bigger than your wallet, it allows you to connect with friends, catch up on work and enjoy your favorite music and TV shows. If you want to do something, there’s an app for that! Smart home control is no different. Crestron and Savant’s home automation systems let you control lights, temperature, security and more in your Scottsdale, Arizona home from apps on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. 

 Explore the Possibilities With the Crestron App

Crestron offers a variety of options when it comes to its mobile presence. Download a free version that offers limited control or enable the full version through an in-app purchase. Through the app, you can control your lighting, set your alarm and even access your home’s surveillance footage whether you’re in Arizona or across the globe.   

Four Main Features

  1. Seamlessly integrate third party apps. As you prepare your media room to watch a movie, open your Netflix app within the same interface to pick a movie then continue setting up your lights, temperature and shades.
  2. Maintain the same navigation system. The navigation on your Crestron App will be identical to the one on your touchpad at home so you don’t waste time figuring out where everything is.
  3. Incorporate Smart Graphics. If you upgrade to the Crestron Smart Graphics App, you can create a customizable interface designed to showcase your specific priorities.
  4. Announce your presence. Crestron offers a PinPoint add-on that lets your smartphone show where you are so your menu instantly shows the room for quick, convenient control. 

Get Customized Control With the Savant App


Savant was the first automation company to create a control solution specifically designed for an Apple operating system. Though they now offer Android options as well, this means they have become experts at creating navigating systems for smartphones and tablets.  

Four Key Features:

  1. Set your own priorities. Savant lets you organize the systems in your app to fit your needs. Menus adjust so the components you access the most are easy to reach.
  2. Capture your favorite settings. Found the perfect lighting, volume and shades to watch movies with the family? Simply hit ‘Save Scene’ and you can call up those settings again at any time.
  3. Stay informed. Sign up for alerts on your smartphone so you are notified when a door is left open, light is left on or a fire alarm is activated.
  4. Personalize your system. Create different accounts for each member of your family. This gives them quick access to their favorite settings and lets you create limited access accounts for your children.

Revamp the way you interact with your Arizona home with an app that gives you control from your favorite device: your smartphone. Contact us to experience the benefits of a Crestron or Savant smart home automation system.