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What is the Best Screen for Your Home Theater System?

Bring Your Favorite Movies to Life with Larger-Than-Life Images

What is the Best Screen for Your Home Theater System?

When you envision your dream home theater system, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? While you certainly want comfortable seating and immersive surround sound, you’re probably not imagining beautiful speakers and recliners. You’re dreaming of the perfect screen. It’s large, sleek and dynamic. The right one will make your custom theater stand out from a packaged system you could pick out at your local electronics store. But, how do you know which is the best fit for your Paradise Valley, Arizona home?

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One reason to opt for a screen in your home theater system instead of a flat panel television is size. A 150” screen usually costs the same as an 80” flat panel television. Size should be the first thing to take into account since it will affect your theater seating and speaker layout. Make sure the size you want is feasible. The larger the screen, the further away you should sit from it to get the best quality. The expert integrators at Acoustic Design help you pick out a size that matches both your needs and the limitations of your Arizona home.


You have a variety of options when it comes to finding the screen that best fits into the home theater system you have in mind. For example, Screen Innovation’s Zero Edge lines are exceptionally sleek, allowing you to insert LED light panels behind them to give an extra edge to your room’s stylings. SI and Stewart Filmscreen also offer motorized options so your screen can disappear into a ceiling compartment when you’re looking to use your room for other things.


You no longer have to turn your home theater system into a dungeon to get bright images. The type of screen you install will depend on the lighting conditions in the room. Screen Innovation's Black Diamond line rejects light coming from your furnishings, walls or ambient sources, so you get crisp images at all times. If you expect to do a good job of isolating light in your space, you can go with a more traditional white screen for your installation.


How do you plan on using your home theater system? Will it also be used for TV shows and gaming? If so, you want to ensure your screen can adapt to different aspect ratios. Invest in one with masking capabilities, meaning the screen shrinks or expands to fit the content. You can also invest in darker screens like the Black Diamond, which do not require masking to get your images to fit properly. This is because the dark material already provides the black frame used in screen masking.

The right screen will not only be the focal point of your home theater system, it will also change the way you enjoy your favorite entertainment in your Arizona home. Contact Acoustic Designs to experience the difference with a custom installation.