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Which Speakers Work Best in a 2-Channel System?

Finding the Right Qualities for Hi-Fi Sound

Which Speakers Work Best in a 2-Channel System?

A 2-channel stereo system is the best way to listen to your favorite music in the same quality as that found in a recording studio. That’s because artists record music in the same stereo format found within your 2-channel audio. Now you can recreate a concert in your own Paradise Valley, AZ home by making sure you have the right layout, amplifiers, and speakers. 

Your speakers will make or break your system; no matter how good an amplifier or layout you have, it will all go to waste if your speakers can‘t create crisp, powerful sound. No system will be one-size-fits-all, so one speaker may work well in one situation and not another, but you still need to take the following things into account every time.  

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Tweeter Technology

All high-end speakers include tweeters that help them handle treble. This means they’re tasked with giving you clear definition in your high-pitched notes. You want to look for speakers that have tweeters with a rigid material that can handle high-frequency signals. This is why Bowers & Wilkins speakers –mentioned in the blog above—are famous for their Diamond Tweeters. Other manufacturers also like to use aluminum to get sharp, unobstructed sound.

Mid-Range Drivers

The mid-range drivers are your speaker’s engines, producing both high and low frequencies to add warmth and depth to your sound. Mid-range drivers should be cone-shaped and of a heavy fabric that, like your tweeters, offers just the right amount of resistance without bending. Drivers also have to fit securely within your cabinet to avoid unnecessary movement that can result in noise or distortion.

Speaker Cabinet

The speaker cabinet usually holds all of your speaker components, though there are a few exceptions like the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond tweeters that are placed outside of the cabinet. It's important that you don't just focus on whether the speaker will look good in the room. It's essential that you have the right cabinet material and structure to eliminate distortion. Most cabinets are composed of wood, creating a perfect environment for the sound to reverberate and strengthen within the speaker.


A good speaker should serve as a window for your sound. It should just relay the signal, not color it. For this reason, 2-channel systems use speakers that have low impedance (usually between 4 and 8 ohms). Impedance is the amount of resistance that your speaker offers up to the signal coming from your amplifier. By having lower impedance, you need less power to fill the room, and there is less risk of sound being colored as it makes its way from your amp through the speaker.

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