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Why Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Speakers Are Worth the Investment

Boost Your High-End Audio Systems with the World’s Best Loudspeakers

Why Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Speakers Are Worth the Investment

At the end of last year, Bowers and Wilkins released its new 800 Diamond Series in honor of its 50th anniversary. Seven years in the making, the new speakers are the English manufacturer’s latest contribution to the evolution of sound technology. With the purest sound quality in the industry and classic, sleek designs, the Diamond Series is the perfect foundation for the high-end audio system in your Phoenix, Arizona home. Take a look at what makes these the best loudspeakers in the world.

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A Complete Overhaul

The new D3 series is a complete overhaul of the D2 line. According to B&W, there were a total 868 changes made. Almost all of the speakers’ components are new except, of course, for the company’s trademark diamond tweeters. The speakers also include entirely new internal and external structures for optimal performance.

The Diamond Tweeters

An optimal tweeter is made of a material that is light enough to move quickly (to reach high frequencies) while not bending under pressure, which can result in distortion. The Bowers and Wilkins diamond domes, originally introduced in the company's Nautilus speakers, offer minimum distortion and a smooth rise in frequency. The tweeter is enclosed within an aluminum case and includes a gel decoupling system that helps to eliminate cabinet resonance.

Dedicated Drivers

One of the reasons high-end speakers offer quality sound at all ranges is that they have different drivers dedicated to each specific sound range. For example, in the new D3 line, the speakers’ mid-range drivers have a steel column reinforcement, a turbine head structure and Continuum cone technology designed specifically for that range.

  •  Turbine Head: The turbine head is made from solid aluminum and with a slim profile that helps it eliminate cabinet coloration for added sound purity.
  •  Continuum Cone: The new cone improves transitions within mind-range sound for more even reproduction.

Meanwhile, low frequencies are delivered via an Aerofoil cone shape that helps create the perfect resistance for low-frequency sound. 

  •  Aerofoil Cone: Through advanced computer modeling, Bowers and Wilkins came up with a cone of varying thickness and reliable stiffness. This lets the speaker create more controlled, natural bass sounds.

Immaculate Build

All speakers include inner structures designed to eliminate movement and, therefore, distortion. They include a bracing mechanism that keeps movement within the drivers. The speaker cabinets are protected with a trademark Matrix structure composed of wood ply with metal reinforcement. This is combined with a curved cabinet design to create the most rigid structure possible.

Along with its innovative technology, the new Diamond Series also offers the most compact high-end loudspeakers in the world. You can enjoy quality high-end audio without worrying about space limitations or ruining your home’s décor.

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