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Why You Should Include a Home Theater in Your Project Design

Ensure a Successful Installation by Working with an Integrator From the Start

Why You Should Include a Home Theater in Your Project Design

As you begin work on your next luxury project—whether it’s as a designer, builder, or architect—you need to make sure you’re offering your clients a comprehensive solution. Now that technology has become so ubiquitous in everyone’s lives, many clients expect newly-constructed homes to include certain amenities. Dedicated home theater systems are one of the most popular features, and including them in your Paradise Valley, AZ project can yield multiple benefits.

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Save Time and Money With a Single Installation

The primary reason you want to include a home theater from the start is that you eliminate the need for multiple installations. Acoustic Designs works with builders and architects so there’s no need to tear into drywall multiple times. We ensure all necessary wiring is put in place during construction.

Create the Perfect Theater Environment

The close relationship between builders and integrators also results in perfectly-designed spaces for a private theater. Builders can take ceiling and wall material into account to improve acoustics or work with integrators to make sure there’s room for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

You can also eliminate possible problems from the start. For example, you can make sure there are no windows in the room and that there is a limited gap between the door and floor to eliminate as much ambient light as possible

Come Up With a Cohesive Design Solution

When you’re designing a luxury home, you want to make sure every room falls in line with your client’s stylistic preferences. By including a home theater system in your initial design, you can select the right architectural features and furnishings to match the rest of the décor. We can help designers find the best equipment whether they’re looking for discreet speakers, retractable screens, or models in specific colors.

Home Theaters Add Value to Your Property

It will also be easier to entice potential buyers by including a home theater system. Luxury house hunters are looking for a little ‘extra’ when making a purchase. Having built-in technology solutions like a home theater can push your company to the top of the list. If there are multiple interested parties, including a private theater can push buyers to go beyond the initial asking price.

Looking for a unique way to make your next project stands out? Impress clients or potential buyers by including a custom home theater system.

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