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What is the Best Amplifier for Your High-End Audio System?

Acoustic Designs Offers Best-in-Class Solutions for Your Arizona Home

What is the Best Amplifier for Your High-End Audio System?

When installing a high-end audio system in your Paradise Valley home, you have the choice of working with an integrated amplifier or buying your pre-amplifier and amplifier separately. The amp/pre amp design will give you the highest performance level possible. The downside will be space needed, and price.  The integrated amplifier is a combination of an amp and pre-amp all in one chassis, saving you space and money. But, there will be some loss of performance.

To the biggest of audiophiles, there are still a lot of benefits to going with separate components. For one, there’s obviously the nostalgia of setting up a more traditional system. You can also mix and match brands or models to get exactly what you want out of a pre-amp and amplifier instead of going with a consolidated solution that may have had to compromise certain features along the way. In this blog, we’ll discuss the things you need to look for when buying an amplifier (no matter which approach you choose). 

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How Many Different Ways Can You Control Your Home?

From Sensors to Touchpads, Change the Way You Interact With Your Technology

How Many Different Ways Can You Control Your Home?

Taking control of the technology in your Arizona home has never been easier. A smart home control solution gives you efficient, intuitive access to all the systems in your house, including lighting, security, entertainment, climate and more. One reason these solutions are so pragmatic is their versatility.

Whether you're in Scottsdale or Phoenix, there's one thing that's true: your home is uniquely yours. You've labored over what colors to paint the walls and what furniture to make the centerpiece of your family room. Why shouldn't you do the same when deciding how you want to manage your technology? With plenty of options from Savant Systems and Crestron, we can find the solution that best fits your needs.

TAGS: home audio video system | smart control apps | smart home automation

Could Your Space Benefit From Smart Home Automation?

Acoustic Designs Can Create a Solution to Meet Your Distinct Needs

Could Your Space Benefit From Smart Home Automation?

The home of the future is here, but it doesn’t quite look like an episode from The Jetsons. There’s no robot servants or automatic meals, but there is definitely a lot of new technology that has made it easier than ever to run your home. In recent years, it has come about in the form of a smart home automation system. What this system does is bring together all your components so they can communicate and work in unison. Do you want to know how this sort of system would function in your Scottsdale, Arizona home? Read on to find out why smart automation can be useful for all types of households.

TAGS: 4K technology | Bowers & Wilkins | home audio video system | home office

A Day in the Life of a Smart Home

Acoustic Designs Transforms Everyday Living in Your Arizona Space

A Day in the Life of a Smart Home

Whenever you bring new technology into your home it’s usually done with one goal in mind: to improve your way of life. It may be a new 4K Ultra HD television that lets you enjoy your favorite shows like never before or smart technology that makes day-to-day-tasks easier. If it’s the latter you’re after, smart home control is the answer. With a solution from automation giants Crestron or Savant, your Paradise Valley, Arizona home works diligently 24 hours a day to ensure your family is always safe, comfortable and entertained. Read on to see the hard work a smart home puts in during a typical day:

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