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From its trademark speakers to its complex engineering solutions, Bowers & Wilkins offers the best in high-end quality audio. An industry standard in recording studios worldwide, B&W stands out for the depth and richness of its sound. Acoustic Designs partners with the English manufacturer to bring audiophiles throughout Arizona their favorite music as the artists intended it to be heard.

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Diamond series speakers



The New Diamond Series Speaker

Meet the best loudspeaker in the world. After five years of research and development, Bowers & Wilkins released its revamped Diamond Series speakers in September 2015. B&W’s flagship model returns with an unprecedented depth and purity of sound, with little remaining from previous renditions except its trademark diamond tweeters.

Experience the Difference First-Hand
Want to see how the sound quality has improved with the model’s latest reinvention? Don’t take our word for it. We now feature the brand new Diamond Speakers at our showroom in Scottsdale. Contact us to make an appointment and experience the equipment in person.

Stronger Sound than Ever Before
Many of the updates were made to create a sturdier foundation. The speakers are now made with thick plywood, metal reinforcements and interlocking panels to maintain their rigidity. The traditional Kevlar cone has been replaced with a Continuum cone for added clarity while a new cone boosts its bass performance.




Enhance Equipment with Custom Installations

Acoustic Designs is a certified Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Dealer and Custom Installer with years of experience. Our integrators work with you from consultation, design, installation and training to ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve. These services are especially important for custom in-wall and in-ceiling speaker installations.

The CI 600 Series
This line from B&W’s architectural series combines a dark interior and a square or round grille to blend seamlessly into the home. The dark interior masks the components while the grill is painted to match your wall or ceiling. The C600 series stands out for its versatility, with a wide range of sizes and configurations available to fit any space.

The CI 300 Series
The three speakers in this line are specifically crafted for more demanding areas, with special technology built in for high-humidity environments such as indoor swimming pools or saunas. Much like the CI 600 series, this series has a minimalist design to easily blend into your décor.




Experience Immersive Surround Sound

The company’s CT 700 and CT 800 home theater lines offer an authentic movie experience with three-dimensional audio. Whether you want to add surround sound in your media room or incorporate it into your custom theater, Acoustic Designs works with you to find the best solution.

CT 800
B&W’s flagship custom theater model combines crisp sound with innovative design. Each speaker can be masked within cabinets to match your style without sacrificing quality. Through its custom management feature, our technicians adjust the frequency to optimize the sound for your space.

CT 700
This compact option is better suited for versatile media rooms or smaller home theaters. Don’t worry, though, all the quality features of a trademark B&W speaker are there no matter the size. From the Kevlar drive to the tube-loaded tweeters, the technology is primed for lifelike cinematic sound.




Powerful Quality with a Minimalist Approach

The CM Series is the company’s most fashionable line yet. It has committed to the axiom “less is more”, with a sleek design that offers the crisp, powerful sound which audiophiles worldwide have come to love.

Minimalist Designs with Countless Possibilities
With its innovative design, the CM Series is apt for every corner of your home. With floor standing speakers, center speaker options and subwoofers, you can find a use for it in your living room, listening room or home theater.

Perfect Bridge of Craftsmanship and Technology
Each speaker comes with real-wood finishing and concealed screw fixings for a clean design that also limits distortion. The CM line is also built with high-tech components, including decoupled double dome tweeters and nautilus tubes, which bring natural quality to every note.